The Right Wood for Your Custom Cabinets

One of the most vital elements of custom shelves lies in the cloth this is used to lead them to. Wood continues to be the most common preference for making cupboards. The herbal splendor and elegance of the grain make timber a pleasing contrast to the glossy stainless steel and plastic of many present day appliances. It is also a robust, dependable, without difficulty to be had, and low-cost aid in your undertaking.

When selecting the type of wood to be used in your custom cabinets, there are a couple of factors to keep in thoughts. Your imaginative and prescient for your completed area will in large part dictate what kind of wood you use. But there are nonetheless many options in kind, characteristics, and finish with the intention to assist you to absolutely customise your cabinets.


There are many sorts of timber available on the market which can be appropriate in your custom shelves. Different timbers are desired for the tightness or evenness of their grain, coloration, capacity to be painted, and their resistance to put on. Think about who will most customarily be using your cupboards and for what when taking into account for your sort of wooden.

Oak is the maximum applied; it is lightweight, really water-resistant, and the grain stands out even after staining. It is frequently used to enhance “country” or “rustic” motifs, but it can be used entirely for ornamental fashion, too.

Birch and ash are also popular; these woods are very mild in color, and that they maintain stains quite nicely. Pine, a totally yellow wooden, is favored in French and English decorative styles, however it’s far very smooth and liable to nicks.

Walnut is famous for its tight, sleek grain and mild complexion. Hardwoods like pecan and walnut are more difficult to stain, but you can’t beat their durability and resistance to blemishes.


In addition to sorts of lumber, you may don’t forget traits of the timber itself that could enhance your area. Characteristics can add visible hobbies in your custom cabinets and provide a extra “natural” or “earthy” sense to them. Some not unusual characteristics are chook pecks, sugar tracks, wormholes, burls, mineral tracks, and knots. These developments are precise to each man or woman tree.

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